Toys have arrived!

Well, our new toys have arrived. The Queen’s lipstick vibrator looks like a winner. Can’t wait to try it out on Her. Her “special friend” is in town right now, so it’ll have to wait.

The Dolphin cock ring also looks interesting. Although, I have to agree with one of the reviewers that it sure does stink! It has it’s own particular plastic/rubber odor dujour……and it’s pretty strong. For my part, it doesn’t bother me at all, but I can definitely see how it might be a turn off for some.

The Pfun butt plug arrived too. It is much bigger than I had imagined! Not monstrous by any standard, but I thought it was going to be on the small side. Being made of steel, it was very cold to the touch when I picked it up too, which should make for some interesting sensations. My queen has already come up with a humiliating exorcise that it can be used for.

I’m a smoker. Not cigarettes, mind you. And, I have quit off and on quite a bit lately. So, the other day I handed over control to my Queen, and She holds my smoke now. It is completely up to Her if I get any smoke, how much, and how often. So, after giving me a small allotment (about 2-3 days worth) She says to me “Next time you want more, you can go put your cage on (the CB6000 chastity device) and put the butt plug in, and then place yourself in front of me on all fours. I may use you as a foot stool, or to eat my dinner on. Either way, when I’m done with you, you may have a little more smoke.”

Hmmmmm…….very inventive if I say so myself. She constantly surprises me lately. I often wonder if She realizes how “right on” She is lately. Usually, when I start to wonder this, I find out that She knows exactly how “right on” She is. So, I’m guessing She knows that this is a perfect task to ask for. Now, when I run out of my latest allotment, I have to embarrass myself in front of Her to get more. It is one thing to admit that I want more smoke…..that I NEED more smoke. It is quite another to cage your sex, and insert a steel butt plug up your ass and display yourself naked for use as furniture to your spouse…….the most trusted person in your life……in effect begging for more smoke. LOL! Of course, we all know that I will enjoy many aspects of this task. But, underlying it will be the undeniable psychological effect of having to perform in humiliating fashion in order to get more smoke.

Now it’s not just sex that She has me begging for…..

Kudos my Queen! I look forward to serving you in all ways……

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