First Session

A little background first: My Lady has been reading a book I bought Her called “A Good Girls Guide to Female Dominance”. Though I have not read a page of it, preferring that anything She learns from it come as a surprise to me, She has shared some of what she has read with me. One of the things she shared is the idea of having sessions. According to what She has told me, the book advocates having sessions with your sub that are planned out. They should have a plot to them, and a story line. While this isn’t exactly how I would have approached it, I’m certainly not going to argue. I think my Lady will find Her own way, and keep what She likes out of the book. And, after all, this is the part I’m going to really enjoy right? These are my “treats” for being a good boy. Though I should never be allowed to expect a treat for anything, this is how the Dom can, and often does, reward the sub. Who am I to argue…..let the sessions begin!Ā  šŸ™‚

And so, the other day my Lady comes home and immediately announces “We are going to have a session tonight. You will go into the bedroom, strip down and put on your chastity device. You are going to wear it while we go drop off this package for one of my clients. I’m not sure if you are going to go up to the door or not. And, I may make you unzip your pants and have “it” hanging out during the drive. I haven’t decide yet. There is more that we will do, but I will tell you later. OK, you may go into the bedroom now…”

Needless to say, I was charged! This is getting serious, and I can’t wait to see what She has in store for me. I went into the bedroom, with Her following me to watch me put the cage on. I was so excited, I totally forgot to put some lotion on the underside of my scrotum first (A good idea to keep away that burning sensation everyone talks about getting). I fumbled a little bit getting the ring on, and the 3 parts put together properly. But, all in all it went well. Once I was in my cage, we left to go visit Her client’s house.

While She didn’t make me stick it out the front of my pants on the way there, it was still very interesting driving with it on. I was acutely aware of my condition. The cage was a little less comfortable than the first time I wore it, and I presume that was because of the lack of lotion down there. As I was semi-hard off and on all the way there, it kept pulling the ring forward and creating that uncomfortable feeling. It wasn’t a big deal really, but I did notice it. When we got there, She decided to bring the item to the door Herself, saving/preventing me from the embarrassment/enjoyment of having to walk up to the door in my predicament. Not that Her client would have noticed, as the cb6000 is very discrete. I’d have to hug her close for her to notice. But, I would know it was there. I would know that my Lady has complete control over me at this moment, while standing in front of this complete stranger. And I would wonder how much She was enjoying that fact while watching me deliver Her package for Her.

After we drove home, She had me unzip my pants and pull him out till he was visible in his cage. I walked around the house for the rest of the night this way for Her amusement. Then, before we went to bed, She called me upstairs and made me lay on the bed with my pants around my ankles – still caged. My feet were on the ground, and I was bent over the foot of the bed. She had her favorite paddle ready. She started asking me some questions, which I don’t recall at this moment. But, when I started answering yes to them, She asked me “yes what?” “Yes Honey” I said, because this is how She asked me to address Her last time we were in our D/s role a year ago. I heard the crack, and felt the sting and the heat on my bottom as She brought the paddle down. “No, try again” She said. I was in shock. My brain wouldn’t work. I couldn’t think of anything. Did I get that wrong? Wasn’t that what we agreed on last time we tried this relationship? Was it “sweetheart” that we agreed on? So I said “Yes Sweetheart.” CRACK! Another burning stinging assault on my ass. She wasn’t kidding around here. That really hurt. I had mentioned to Her recently that if She wanted to punish me, that spanking me hard with no warm up would work. Apparently, She took it to heart. She knew what She was doing too, because I was scared. I didn’t know what to say. I was at a complete loss. What honorary title was She looking for? I think She brought the paddle down one more time but I’m not 100% sure. Then She said “Do you need a hint?” OMG do I ever! I stammered “yes please”. “What type of dominant did I say I wanted to be?” She inquired of me. “Yes Goddess” I tried. SMACK! “Try again” She said. “Yes my Queen” I said, remembering that She liked both, but that in the end, She felt the Queen better suited her. The Goddess kept her slaves in panties and dressed them in woman’s clothes, which my Queen is not into at all. Thankfully, I got it right finally. My bottom was definitely sore.

“Ok, you may stand up now and take off the cage. Go get the key and bring it here.” Stumbling off the bed, I went to get the key and brought it back to Her, wondering what else (if anything) She had in store for me. She put the key into the lock and released it. I took off the cage and awaited further instructions. At this point, She lay down on the bed with a “devil in Her eye” look and said “You may stand at the foot of the bed and masturbate while I watch.” Rarely had She ever allowed me to masturbate in front of Her, so this was new and interesting. I found two things a bit distracting. First, She WAS watching me ever so closely, and with an alluring look on Her face. I believe SheĀ  was truly enjoying it. Which, was a big turn on for me, but also made me nervous at times. Secondly, the tubes going down to my balls were a little sore, and the more I played with myself, the more I noticed it. Anyway, she had me masturbating in front of her for a bit and then said “Stop.” Of course I stopped immediately and put my hands to my side. She got off the bed and approached me from the side. Using the paddle, She touched me and caressed me up and down my body. This had a huge effect on me, sending me further into subspace and eliciting full body shivers from me. I was no longer in control of my body. I couldn’t have stopped the shivers (or the moaning) if I tried. Then, She calmly sat back down on the bed and said “You may continue.” And so I started masturbating for Her again. This continued back and forth for a bit until She allowed me to continue masturbating while She ran the paddle up and down my body. Then She would lightly tap my nipples with the paddle. Then She would lightly paddle my ass. All the while allowing me to continue masturbating. Yes, I was in heaven. But, I still hadn’t climaxed. She stopped me and said “If you had a choice to beg me to let you cum, or beg me to let you stop now, which would it be?” I thought about the question. Was it a trick question? Of course I would rather be allowed to cum. Then again, begging Her to let me stop and stay chaste for Her might be what She wants from me at this time. The earlier interrogation, punctuated with a hard paddling, had me confused. And so I said “I’d beg you to let me stop.” “That’s not what I expected” She said. “Well, I guess you are going to have to wait to cum then. I’m not sure when the next time will be…..”

What a session! My beautiful Queen had taken me to new heights. Though I did not cum, I was still VERY happy. Obviously, my Queen loved me a great deal, and has been enjoying being pampered, or else She wouldn’t have given me such a treat. And, I was also very impressed with the session She had created. She knew what She wanted, and She successfully took away all my control. She is getting good at this. Fast! What is a humble servant to do?

Later on that night, at about 2am in the morning, I rolled over into a new position, waking up slightly. Apparently, She was awake also, as She pulled the covers down off of me and said “You may take care of yourslelf now.” She knows I like it best in the morning. I think she must have figured out that that means I like it when I’m still half in and out of sleep. And so, I masturbated for her again until I came. Ah, life is good!

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So I mentioned that I made a mistake in my last post. My mistake was assuming that when I asked if I could “check it out” after receiving the CB6000 in the mail, I assumed that when She said “yes”, it meant that I could try it on and wear it around for a few hours before She got home. Boy was I wrong! When She got home, it wasn’t long before She looked at me and asked “Are You Wearing It Right Now?!” As soon as She said it, I knew I was in trouble. What kind of trouble I didn’t know, but I’m sure She will think of something to punish me with. Something that I won’t like….

I had one ace in the hole, but I kept my mouth shut. It was supposed to be a surprise that would make her very happy tonight. The fact that it was likely to barely pull me out of the doghouse now that I messed up wasĀ the best I was left with. My Lady had put something on layaway at a shop She likes, and I went and paid it off for Her today and brought it home. I had it set up “on display” in our family room, and it was only a matter of time before She found it. I hoped it would be enough to get me out of trouble, but I wasn’t sure. And so I waited, while I made Her a nice dinner, and filled her wine glass for her.

Sure enough, as soon as She entered the family room, I heard Her exclaim “Ohhhh!” She found it. Seems She was happy with my little surprise, and as we sat down for dinner, She confirmed for me that I was no longer in trouble. I felt a small pang of pride that She was happy enough with the surprise that She was no longer angry with me. Sometimes life as a slave is pretty ok. šŸ™‚

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CB6000 Arrives!

(Please note that I am still catching up on recent history here. Once I catch up, I’ll be able to post about events as they happen.)

About a week and a half ago the CB 6000 arrived in the mail. No one was home, and the package had to be signed for, so all I got was the note on the door. That meant I had to go to the Post Office to pick it up. I thought briefly about the package going thru customs (from Canada) and being inspected by curious, and very likely amused or disgusted customs workers. the thought made me cringe, and laugh at the same time.

I got to the post office and rang the doorbell for the package pick up window and waited. It seemed at least a minute went by before the door opened, all the while giving me time to fantasize about what I was picking up, whether anyone at the post office knew what was in the package, and similar ridiculous things. And of course, when the door opened, the clerk was a very young woman who, I’m pretty sure, would NOT understand if she knew what was in the package. I handed her my slip, and she disappeared to go get it. After another minute or so, she reappeared with a very small package (LOL! Get it?) which she handed over without comment, and which I took with a straight face. As I’m walking out to the car, I read the customs slip the shipper filled out, and it says “Cock Rings, Pins, and Lock!” OMG! Does it actually say that? Did she read it before giving me the package? Should I be embarrassed, or simply forget it actually happened? I take another long look at the customs slip and realize that it says, in bad handwriting, “Cage, Rings, and Lock.” Now, that might mean something embarrassing to me, but would mean very little to someone else. Whew!

I called my Queen, and told her that “It” had arrived. I also asked if it was alright if I “check it out.” I should have been a little more specific, but I’ll get to that. She said thatĀ I could check it out, so after hanging up, I opened the box and began to look at all the parts and figure out how it all fits together. I knew I needed to test the fit of it with the different sized rings and spacers. So, I put it together with the largest ring and widest spacer. Having it all figured out, I decided to put it on and see how it fit. After a little adjusting with the ring, I fit it around my cock and balls and started to assemble the other two pieces of the ring assembly, being careful not to pinch any hairs or skin in the assembly (easier said than done, but I managed.) Then it was time to put on the cage. I tried using some silicone lube and a cotton swab to “push” my penis into the cage, but this process seemed very frustrating and ineffective. I had heard about the stocking method ( and was prepared with a set of stockings I just bought for this purpose. This proved to be a bit problematic too at first, until I got the hang of it. The first time I did it, I put a healthy amount of the stocking (all the way to the base of my penis) on and pulled myself into the cage. Problem was, now I couldn’t get the stocking to slip out of the hole in the front of the cage. It wanted to pull my penis forcibly thru that tiny hole with it. Needless to say, this was not comfortable, or practical. So, I had to pull it off again. Next, I tried just sticking the head of my penis into the stocking, positioning it at the opening of the cage, and pulling it in. This seemed to work perfectly, although there was still some tender moments pulling the stocking out after fully inserted. I think I just needed to wait a moment and relax, as I was getting excited about being “caged”.

So now I had it on, and with some effort attached to the feat. Seemed only right to wear it for a while to see how it fit, and whether it becameĀ less comfortable the longer I wore it.

See my next entry for where I went wrong in my thinking……..

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Submission – Part Two

So, I finally asked Her if I could be Her slave again, and She said Yes! There was no hesitation on Her part, and I’m pretty sure She enjoyed all the attention I gave Her last time. Still, I am truly amazed at how understanding She can be to my needs. She would prefer a vanilla relationship. But, She seems to enjoy all the attention too, and I’m hoping that She never loses interest in dominating me.

A new wrinkle has developed though. I bought Her a few books this time, and She has started to read The Good Girls Guide to Female Dominance. My knees got a little weak just knowing that She was turning the pages on it. She seems to have taken to the book, and although it approaches the subject from a different perspective than I would (from what She has told me), I am glad that She is finding it useful and informative. I’ve kept myself from reading any of it, preferring that any ideas She gets from it come as a surprise to me.

The book detailed 5 different types of dominant females, from Queen to Goddess. She has decided that She likes the role of Queen best. And so I will be Her humble servant, and gladly so.

If She keeps up Her reading habits, this could get very interesting in the long run!Ā  ;?)

Shortly after we started our D/s relationship back up, I broached the subject of buying a male chastity device. I told Her it was something that I’d really like to try. She seemed to be reluctantly willing to try it. And, after showing Her one or two online, it was obvious that She thought they would be very painful to wear. I wasn’t too sure myself, but I had an undeniable urge to try it out. The idea of having my sex completely under Her control is extremely erotic to me. Plus, I thought it might give Her a charge locking me up. It might bring out a little more of the dominant side of Her. And it should certainly have an effect on my own attitude. I’ve always been very independent in most aspects of my life. While I crave the submissive role, it isn’t like flipping a switch. Sometimes I have to work at it. I would really love to be broken down to the point that it becomes naturalĀ for me to submit to Her. To follow commands without thinking. To truly think of Her first. To fantasize only about Her. To give without thoughts of receiving back in return. I have come close to this at times, but it’s never been a complete change to submissiveness. Recently though, I have started to fantasize only aboutĀ Her, and without really thinking about it or working at it. It just started to come natural. Hopefully, other aspects of my submissiveness will begin to come more natural as well. I really believe that chastity (whether enforced with the CB6000, or voluntary) can break me down to that point. How long this will take is anybody’s guess. Though I think it will take significantly longer than a week in chastity. Perhaps a few months might do the trick. šŸ˜¦

Well, I ordered the cb6000 from Lattitudes International in Canada. I was a little apprehensive ordering it from them, until I read another sub’s post about getting his cb6000 from there with no hitches. If you are interested in a chastity device (and don’t require any customer service), you can save significantly by ordering from them. Just do a search for them thru Google and you will find them. I got mine for $129 canadian, which was about $110 at the time (compared to $189 elsewhere).

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Introducing – Her slave boy

First, I think a little introduction is in order. I am a middle aged male, married approx. 10 years to a very loving Wife who I adore completely. While I started dating Her with kinky intentions in mind, we have, for the most part, had a very vanilla marriage for most of those 10 years or so.

About a year ago, my interest in being submissive to my Lady rose to a level such that I finally found the courage to bring up the idea to Her. Part of this courage came from reading some posts by Ms. Rika ( about true submission. I brought home some articles from Ms. Rika and asked Her to read them and tell me what She thought. I don’t want to rehash Ms. Rika’s ideas here (please follow the link about for some eye opening and thoughtful ideas on true submission), but sufice it to say that my Lady saw the advantages available to Her, and was willing to try it out to see if it was something She would enjoy. We had a good first run, which lasted about six months till midsummer before it fizzled out, and we were back to a vanilla relationship again. During that run, I was given a large helping of teasing and denial, along with the chance to serve my Lady by bringing Her drinks when needed, cooking dinner for Her, putting lunches together for Her everyday, and keeping the house clean. I loved every minute of it! I made several mistakes along the way, and I was the one who fizzled out at the end. I’m still a little puzzled as to why, and I’m hoping this second run lasts longer.

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