Taking care of Her

Well, it’s been over a month since my last post. Sorry for the long delay. It’s been kinda quiet around here, with little to report. I’m not the kind of blogger that wants to share daily routines and such, so I didn’t have anything to write about. That changed on Sunday though:

My Queen was drinking a few glasses of wine that night, which often leads to a little action in the bedroom. She hinted as much as the night wore on. Before we climbed into bed, She said She had to take a shower. As She was going to do so, I said I would probably be asleep by the time She finished. She gave me a hard time about it, but went to take a shower anyway. I was only half kidding, as I usually fall asleep pretty quickly once my head hits the pillow. She finished Her shower, and I wasn’t quite asleep when She got out. After She got into bed, She playfully mentioned that Her “booby” was making an appearance and I looked over to see that it was on display for me. That woke me up immediately, and I put my mouth on it and began to suck and caress Her nipple with my tongue. Reaching over with my left hand, I was able to caress and play with Her other nipple as well. She had Her lipstick vibrator in hand, and began to play with Her clit with it. I absolutely love to lick Her nipples, and I love the sounds She makes when She gets excited. I’d only been chaste for a week at this point, but my dick was rock hard. This was all about Her, and I love it when She uses me like this. And so it went, with Her getting closer and closer to orgasm. I started to pull on her nipple with my left hand. I wasn’t pinching it any more than necessary. After all, She is not into the same things I am, and does not enjoy pain. I was a little apprehensive about doing this, and as I pulled it up a little more, and a little more, I really expected Her to tell me to stop, or that it was too much. But She didn’t, and She seemed to be enjoying it. So I continued to stretch Her nipple up from Her breast. Pretty soon, I literally had Her nipple stretched to about 2.5-3 inches above Her breast, and it was lifting up Her boob so that it was no longer lying against her chest. This made it a perfect round and full shape like you only see on someone who has had a breast implant done. You know, so much so that anyone can tell it’s fake. But of course, guys love that look. She has double-D’s, so this was no small thing! And still, She was not complaining. If fact, if anything, it seemed like it was really getting Her off. I began to wiggle it as I kept it pulled up tight holding her boob up off her chest so that it was now jiggling in all it’s fullness and roundness and yet completely soft and feminine unlike the hard as a rock aforementioned boob job. I continued to play with Her other breast with my tongue, and as it became obvious that this was turning Her on, I started to try to suck Her nipple right down my throat. I could feel it being sucked into my mouth and onto the back of my tongue. While I couldn’t see the effect, I could feel that the suction was stretching Her other nipple quite a bit as well. I alternated between this, and teasing it with my tongue. At one point I said “Your nipples are going to be sore tomorrow…” but I got no response from Her, other than Her continuing moans that kept indicating She was getting closer and closer. Meanwhile, my cock was still hard as a rock. Perhaps harder than a rock. Lol. This was a new turn on for me. I was never really a boob man until I met my Wife and learned to appreciate the wonders of Her assets up top. And now my appreciation was reaching new heights (no pun intended.) I continued to apply the same techniques for another minute or so, and the combination of my attentions and Her own activities with the lipstick vibrator sent Her over the edge into what sounded like a strong and satisfying orgasm.

And then it happened…….

Have you ever said something that you thought you might regret later on? See my next blog for what came next…..