Kinky Christmas Wish List

Ok, I think I’ve caught up with most of what has happened since we started up our D/s relationship again. I thought I’d do a fun post. So, I’m going to make a kinky Christmas Wish List. Perhaps Her Majesty will read this post and be surprised at some of the things She finds here? In the spirit of communication, and honesty, I’m not going to hold back based on what I think She would approve, or not approve of. For my part, some of the things I fantasize about still surprise me as well. Some fantasies are new, some are old. Some I’m not completely sure I’ll like, but would like to try them out anyway. Usually, the more humiliating, controlling, or scary they are, the more erotic I find the idea to be. After reading this list, if you would like to post your own as a comment below, that would be really cool. Anyway, here is my list:


A simple apron to wear while doing housework for my Queen:

She has said she’d like to get me an apron to wear, and make me wear it with “your cute butt” sticking out the back. Hey, who am I to argue? She also mentioned getting a frilly one to make me wear, but I didn’t find anything appropriate yet.

(Note: Found this site later on. Definitely some frilly aprons to choose from here:)


And for Her, a new vibrator for me to please her with:

We used to have a vibrator that She liked, but with time and use, it needed to be tossed. So, it’s about time I got a replacement for her. Of course, I would consult with Her prior to selecting the next one, but this looks like a good place to start. (What do You think my Queen?)


Feeldoe Vibrating Dildo:

And of course, a strap on harness to go with it:


Though it’s entirely possible that with the Feeldoe, my Queen won’t need the harness at all. And if She doesn’t want to be penetrated while pegging me (see pegging: then this might do the trick:

She playfully mentioned sticking something up my butt a few days ago. I’m not sure if there was anything more than playfulness in it, but it made me think of all these things. Nothing makes a sub more submissive than to be “forced” to take it up the ass. Or, to stick a dildo in front of his mouth and tell him to “suck on it.” I’m honestly not sure if She has any interest in this whatsoever. And I don’t know if I’ve ever told her my fantasies concerning strap ons, but it’s definitely on the list. Call it another fantasy that scares me and turns me on at the same time.

And how about a penis gag to be worn while getting pegged?:

Another huge turn on:

What could be better than to pleasure my Queen with my face up close and personal like? Now that’s submissive! To be right there watching the dildo go in and out, knowing that She’s getting her pleasure, while keeping me chaste……….Hot! Definitely Hot!


And how about a new flogger?:


 I could go on (and I might in another post), but you get the idea. I like toys. Especially kinky toys! But most of all, what I want for Christmas is what I already have. An amazing Queen who fulfills my fantasies while I pamper and pleasure Her. How did I get so lucky?

Now, what am I going to make for dinner???


Introducing – Her slave boy

First, I think a little introduction is in order. I am a middle aged male, married approx. 10 years to a very loving Wife who I adore completely. While I started dating Her with kinky intentions in mind, we have, for the most part, had a very vanilla marriage for most of those 10 years or so.

About a year ago, my interest in being submissive to my Lady rose to a level such that I finally found the courage to bring up the idea to Her. Part of this courage came from reading some posts by Ms. Rika ( about true submission. I brought home some articles from Ms. Rika and asked Her to read them and tell me what She thought. I don’t want to rehash Ms. Rika’s ideas here (please follow the link about for some eye opening and thoughtful ideas on true submission), but sufice it to say that my Lady saw the advantages available to Her, and was willing to try it out to see if it was something She would enjoy. We had a good first run, which lasted about six months till midsummer before it fizzled out, and we were back to a vanilla relationship again. During that run, I was given a large helping of teasing and denial, along with the chance to serve my Lady by bringing Her drinks when needed, cooking dinner for Her, putting lunches together for Her everyday, and keeping the house clean. I loved every minute of it! I made several mistakes along the way, and I was the one who fizzled out at the end. I’m still a little puzzled as to why, and I’m hoping this second run lasts longer.

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