6 Days, 5 Nights – Part 2

I got up the morning of my trip, showered, shaved (yes, down there), brushed my teeth, etc. Then I put on the CB6000 chastity device. I picked out a plastic lock and presented it to my Queen to lock me in. We had some trouble with the first one as it just didn’t want to “lock”. So I picked out another one (making sure She saw the number on the lock so there was no way I could cheat) and it went on and locked with no problem.

I should mention that the plastic locks don’t have a key. They are more like a zip tie in that once they are on, the only way to get them off is to cut them off. This is easy to do, but it also means they are a one time use lock. Perfect for a business trip though as you can’t take them off and then put them back on.  🙂

So now I am literally locked in for 6 full days!

Yes, I was a little nervous about it. But I was also excited.

So, I finished packing. Truthfully, She helped me by packing away most of my bathroom items, and some snacks while I packed my cloths. Then it was off to the airport.

Approaching airport security, surprisingly, I was not nervous. I knew that the device was all plastic, including the lock, so there was no reason to suspect it would set off any alarms. I just made VERY sure that I took everything out of my pockets before going thru the metal detector. And I didn’t set off the detector, but wouldn’t you know it, my luggage did! I just smiled and agreed to have the offending bag opened and searched. the culprit was a ziplock bag of chocolate chip cookies She made for me. Hilarious! They took the bag of cookies out and ran it thru again and everything was fine. I guess the cookies were packed together in that baggie and they couldn’t tell what that “brown lump” was. Maybe they thought it was plastic explosives or something…..I don’t know. Anyway, with that excitement over, I was on my way to the gate.

The flight wasn’t a problem, though I did find that I needed to “adjust” myself down there every so often in order to stay comfortable. I was able to do this without drawing any attention to it though.

And then, I was in Vegas……for business. The first day went off without a hitch. Walking around a lot, I found that my boys would stick to one leg or the other, but that is typical when wearing boxers, and I don’t think it was that much worse just because of the chastity device. There was an occasional pinch if I moved the wrong way, but it was minor for the most part. Though you’ll never forget you are wearing it, while standing up it is amazing how comfortable the CB6000 is. Sitting down is another issue though. The first day was ok, as I was wearing my most relaxed jeans. The more room the better. But, you still need to adjust him down one leg or the other, because the CB6000 is just long enough that there isn’t enough room in the crotch unless he heads down a pant leg. It was still unnoticeable for the most part. Especially with the shape of it. If anything, at it’s worst it looks like I either have a large penis, or a chubby in the making.

The worst part though was sleeping at night. Apparently, I get a LOT more hard ons at night than I ever suspected. Either that, or the CB6000, combined with my 3-4 weeks of chastity was encouraging him to get hard repeatedley. Or maybe not repeatedley, but constantly, as I don’t think he was going down and coming back up so much as he just stayed hard all night long. This would cause the CB6000 to slowly be pushed out away from my body until the ring holding it on had slipped down and was pressing my boys up against the last remaining bit of sac. As you can imagine, this was uncomfortable enough to wake me up, and make it very difficult to get back to sleep. It wasn’t particularly painful, but it was hard to sleep let me tell you. The first night was the worst, and I finally got up about 4am and went looking for some ice to get him to go down. The ice machine on my floor was broken, so I went to the next floor up and got some. By the time I got back to my room, he had went down, so I went back to bed for some more shut eye.

The second night was a little better, though a repeat of the same problem. My body was getting used to it though, so it woke me up less, and I was able to get a reasonable amount of sleep. Not saying it was great, but it wasn’t as bad as the first night.

The truth be told, there is something erotic about it too. It was almost as if Her hand was holding me down there all night. Thinking about that, or getting any enjoyment out of it just made it worse though, so I tried not to. I had to make it thru 5 nights of this, so there was no point in making it worse for myself.

Each day I would walk around (a lot) and do business. I found that by the time I would get back to my hotel, he would be shriveled up and pulled as far into the CB6000 as he could go. I would have to use a q-tip to coax him out to the head of the chastity device before going to the bathroom. This made it so that when I peed (sitting down of course) the stream would shoot out the front hole of the device making as little mess as possible. If I didn’t adjust, I knew from experience that it would swirl around inside before coming out the hole, and make more of a mess inside. This was important too, as I would need to try to keep it as clean as possible inside for 6 days. I certainly didn’t want any medical problems like a fungus issue, or anything like that. I brought a little crayon box that held a bunch of q-tips to carry around with me for bathroom breaks. This is also what I used for clean up afterwards. As long as the pee came straight out the hole, cleanup wasn’t too bad.

The first morning when my Queen called me, she said “How’s my little caged guy doing?” I got quite a thrill out of that. As mentioned previously, She was getting into this a bit, and that was great for me. In fact, I’m getting a little chubby right now just thinking about it. So I told Her about my experiences the night before.

I almost forgot to mention. When I tried to change into another pair of jeans, I found that they just didn’t work out. Too uncomfortable! They weren’t relaxed enough in the crotch, and especially the legs. I needed more room. So I had to go out and buy some very relaxed jeans or else wear the same pair all week. I found a couple pair that were even more relaxed, and that was great. When I tried them on, I realized that even the relaxed jeans I brought with me left something to be desired. These new ones were very comfortable. Mostly because the legs were relaxed as well and that let the CB6000 go where it needed to go for me to be comfortable.

By the time I was within a day of going back home, I couldn’t wait to get the thing off of me. Yes, it was thrilling, but it was also getting old fast. I was very proud that I had made it, but ready to get it taken off.

On the day I was coming home, I got dropped off at the airport by the shuttle really early. About 3 hours before my flight was scheduled to take off. Wouldn’t you know it, the security checkpoint line was the shortest I’ve ever seen it. Breezed right thru in about 3 minutes. So now I had a ton of time to kill. I hung out in a sports bar drinking soda for an hour and a half and then went back to the gate to check on the flight. That’s when I found out our take off had been delayed by another hour and a half. Ah, the joys of air travel! So I wondered off again to go find some lunch. After a quick bite, another pee break, and a call home to my Queen to let Her know we were leaving late, I went back to the gate again. It was a good thing I didn’t waste any time because they were starting to board. The take off time had been moved back up by about 45 minutes. And so I boarded the plane and headed back home.

When I got back home, and got permission to cut off the lock, I really enjoyed that feeling of freedom. You ever see that episode of The Simpsons where Homer walks up to some workers from the Teamsters and they start to have a contest to see who can yawn and stretch and relax the most against their truck? Well, I felt a lot like that. Ah yes! Freedom!

Also, I was happy to see, after a full inspection, that everything looked great down there. No signs of any health problems due to lack of cleanliness, or too much captured moisture, etc. That lasted for a full 24 hours too. But then suddenly about a day later, I got an itchy spot that was peeling on the side of my penis. Obviously, I was concerned, but I didn’t want to over-react either. It looked like nothing more than a sunburn peeling without the burn. So, I used some really great moisturizer we have. It’s Emu oil. And it works fantastic. I put some of that on the dry spot a few times over the course of the next few days, and it fixed him right up. There was no need for any anti-fungal cream or anything like that.

Looking back on it, I’m wondering what caused the dry spot? Could it be the extra moisture that was getting trapped inbetween the plastic tube and my penis? Or was it something else? I recall cleaning the last time I wore it using soft soap (with bleach), and I wonder if there was some residue left over in the tube. I’m sure that if there was, it could cause some skin issues like that, so that’s a definite possibility. In any case, I won’t be cleaning it with soft scrub anymore. If I get put in the chastity device for a full week again, I’ll be sure to post how it works out.


6 Days, 5 Nights – Part 1

Well, I hinted at this post in my last one, and it’s finally here. Sorry it took me so long to write it. If you haven’t read the last post, you may want to do that now.

OK, so I need to give a short bit of background here. I’m going on a business trip in a few weeks. I’ll be gone for 6 days and 5 nights. And She is not coming with me.

So, after watching Her moaning Her way towards orgasm (see last post), enjoying the look of Her breast being held up by Her nipple between my fingers, and being rock hard thru the whole thing, I said to Her:

“I would like it if you put me in the chastity device before I left on my trip.”

And there it was. I have not worn it for more than 4 hours at a time, and here I was urging Her to lock me up in it with no chance of getting out for 6 whole days! I’m not sure what I was thinking. Perhaps I wasn’t. It must have been the little guy (who we all know is brain dead) that did the talking. I know he was rock hard still, and that the act of watching Her get off while I was stretching Her nipple up almost 3 inches had me in a place I hadn’t been before.

She agreed immediately, which surprised me. Later, She admitted that Her first reaction was “Why would you want to do that to yourself?” But, at the same time She said that after thinking about it, She was really excited about the idea. And of course, that clinched it for me. There was no turning back now. She likes the idea for Her own reasons, and that was enough for me.

Not that I wasn’t still nervous about it. I think I’ve only worn the thing four times, and I had problems with it twice. Nothing major, just some discomfort that lead to me taking it off. I was happy when She said I had permission to “practice” with it the next few weeks.

And so I have been. I wore it from Thursday afternoon, thru Saturday afternoon, with only brief stints out of it for cleanup, or just to get a break when we went out. This alleviated a lot of my nervousness because it seems like the longer you wear it, the more comfortable it gets. It’s always there, and it’s never really comfortable sitting down, but it does get better as it goes. I had some hair pulling going on down there on Thursday, so I took it off and shaved when I went in the shower that night. That has alleviated the hair pulling, but now I get a little bit of skin pinching if I sit down wrong. Not a big deal, but a little discomfort here and there. It’s definitely near impossible to forget that it’s on.

It also causes me to get excited more often during the day. Sometimes it feels like something is holding me down there. Makes for an exciting day! Lol. But nightime was by far the worst. Especially the first night. I must have a hard on all night long for the amount of times it woke me up that first night. The second night I was able to sleep thru most of it. But whenever I did wake up, it was always with it straining to get hard while the CB6000 held it back.

The best thing was that I have no problems to report. No fungus, no sore spots after removal, no health problems whatsoever. In fact, I’m not wearing it right now, and I kind of miss it.

During this time, I’ve explained to Her that there are plastic locks that come with it and that once they are on, the only way to get one off is to cut it off. At first, we had agreed that I would bring a pair of nail clippers with in case I needed to cut it off before returning home. But, with the anouncement that She thought about it and likes the idea of me wearing it while I’m gone, She also announced that I would not be bringing nail clippers with me. If there are any problems, I’ll have to go buy nail clippers to get it off, or come up with some other inventive way of removing the plastic lock. I also told Her that the locks are numbered, so now that She knows that, there is no way for me to cheat.

She has said that if I come back still wearing it, that I will be rewarded with a full session. She is going to wear Her corset for me during the session, which I am really looking forward to. And if I have to take it off for some reason, I have suggested that She punish me with another 6 weeks of chastity when I get back.

Oh, did I fail to mention that I am to be denied any relief prior to going on the trip? So, that means I’ll be almost three weeks into chastity when I’m put in lockdown prior to leaving. If I fail to keep in on the whole time, it will be a total of almost 10 weeks of chastity for me! Believe me, I am going to do my best not to remove the CB6000 while I’m gone.

Meanwhile, I’ll be out of town conducting business, all the while wearing the CB6000 for my Queen without the knowledge of those that I am doing business with. I am looking forward to it with trepidation and longing at the same time.

I’ll be writing a play by play of the experience when I get back. Until then….

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Taking care of Her

Well, it’s been over a month since my last post. Sorry for the long delay. It’s been kinda quiet around here, with little to report. I’m not the kind of blogger that wants to share daily routines and such, so I didn’t have anything to write about. That changed on Sunday though:

My Queen was drinking a few glasses of wine that night, which often leads to a little action in the bedroom. She hinted as much as the night wore on. Before we climbed into bed, She said She had to take a shower. As She was going to do so, I said I would probably be asleep by the time She finished. She gave me a hard time about it, but went to take a shower anyway. I was only half kidding, as I usually fall asleep pretty quickly once my head hits the pillow. She finished Her shower, and I wasn’t quite asleep when She got out. After She got into bed, She playfully mentioned that Her “booby” was making an appearance and I looked over to see that it was on display for me. That woke me up immediately, and I put my mouth on it and began to suck and caress Her nipple with my tongue. Reaching over with my left hand, I was able to caress and play with Her other nipple as well. She had Her lipstick vibrator in hand, and began to play with Her clit with it. I absolutely love to lick Her nipples, and I love the sounds She makes when She gets excited. I’d only been chaste for a week at this point, but my dick was rock hard. This was all about Her, and I love it when She uses me like this. And so it went, with Her getting closer and closer to orgasm. I started to pull on her nipple with my left hand. I wasn’t pinching it any more than necessary. After all, She is not into the same things I am, and does not enjoy pain. I was a little apprehensive about doing this, and as I pulled it up a little more, and a little more, I really expected Her to tell me to stop, or that it was too much. But She didn’t, and She seemed to be enjoying it. So I continued to stretch Her nipple up from Her breast. Pretty soon, I literally had Her nipple stretched to about 2.5-3 inches above Her breast, and it was lifting up Her boob so that it was no longer lying against her chest. This made it a perfect round and full shape like you only see on someone who has had a breast implant done. You know, so much so that anyone can tell it’s fake. But of course, guys love that look. She has double-D’s, so this was no small thing! And still, She was not complaining. If fact, if anything, it seemed like it was really getting Her off. I began to wiggle it as I kept it pulled up tight holding her boob up off her chest so that it was now jiggling in all it’s fullness and roundness and yet completely soft and feminine unlike the hard as a rock aforementioned boob job. I continued to play with Her other breast with my tongue, and as it became obvious that this was turning Her on, I started to try to suck Her nipple right down my throat. I could feel it being sucked into my mouth and onto the back of my tongue. While I couldn’t see the effect, I could feel that the suction was stretching Her other nipple quite a bit as well. I alternated between this, and teasing it with my tongue. At one point I said “Your nipples are going to be sore tomorrow…” but I got no response from Her, other than Her continuing moans that kept indicating She was getting closer and closer. Meanwhile, my cock was still hard as a rock. Perhaps harder than a rock. Lol. This was a new turn on for me. I was never really a boob man until I met my Wife and learned to appreciate the wonders of Her assets up top. And now my appreciation was reaching new heights (no pun intended.) I continued to apply the same techniques for another minute or so, and the combination of my attentions and Her own activities with the lipstick vibrator sent Her over the edge into what sounded like a strong and satisfying orgasm.

And then it happened…….

Have you ever said something that you thought you might regret later on? See my next blog for what came next…..

Plugged II

Night before last, I was snuggling up to my Queen as we were going to sleep. Perhaps I was a little too enthusiastic, or maybe I allowed my enjoyment of feeling skin on skin to be vocalized too much? She reached over and said “Is this what you want?” while taking my underwear down and grasping my cock in Her hand. It was straining to get out to be sure. Just the feel of being in Her grasp was heaven. She continued to masturbate me to climax, which didn’t take long….maybe 5 minutes max. That just goes to show how ready I was. I normally last a long time. Too long. Say 30-45 minutes. Back in the vanilla days, this was a consistent problem. Of course, I still enjoyed it, but it really wore Her out. I think my chastity has solved this problem, but there’s not enough evidence to prove it yet.

Then, the next day (yesterday), I ran out of smoke again. Which, of course, meant that I had to be plugged and caged for Her amusement before She would give me any more. Unfortunately, when She came home, She had the beginnings of a cold. I offered to defer till tomorrow, but She wouldn’t have it. So, after serving dinner for Her, I went upstairs to prepare myself for display.

First, I got the cage and plug out and set them on the bathroom counter so they would be ready. Then, I took the plug with me into the shower to relax enough to get it inserted. This is the Pfun Butt Plug, which is stainless steel. I soaped up all my parts and made sure everything was clean. Then I washed with some pumpkin body soap to make sure I smelled good for my Queen. After getting good and clean, I lubed up one finger, and began to massage my anus to get it to relax. It didn’t take as long as last time before I had my middle finger inserted comfortably. I let it get used to it, before lubing up the butt plug. Carefully and slowly I inserted it. As always, it takes a bit to get the head of it inside. I’ve found that crouching down in the shower is the most comfortable and easiest way to get the butt plug inserted. I made sure to insert it correctly this time, with the head of it pointing forward instead of backward. Once the head made it in, I relaxed a bit, and the rest slid in slowly, but easily. It still felt weird to me to have the head of the butt plug forced up against the front wall/prostate, but at least now I know that it’s supposed to be that way. With it pointed forward, there is also more pressure trying to push the plug out of me, so I found myself clenching my cheeks together, and walking/standing with my legs close together in an effort to keep it fully inserted.

So, that part done, I got out of the shower and dried off, all the while clenching my cheeks together to keep it inside. Then I put the cb6000 chastity cage on. For some reason, I had a little more difficulty with it this time. Perhaps my clenched butt cheeks made it more difficult? The first time I tried to get my penis in the cage, I didn’t have the stocking far enough over the head of my penis to pull it into the cage effectively. So, I had to pull it back out again and put the stocking a little bit farther over the head before trying again. Second time, it went in better, though not completely, and I had to get a Que tip out and move things around a bit before it was comfortable enough to put the lock on. As before, I left the lock open with the key in it and available should She decide to lock me in.

With that, I donned my robe and went to see my Queen. After coming down the stairs (butt cheeks clenched), She smiled and said “I almost stopped you before you came down. You forgot to bring the cookie jar with you.”) That’s right, I forgot that She wanted me to bring the cookie jar down. With all the insertion, and caging thoughts running around  my head, I completely forgot. Her smile and tone of voice said to me that She was enjoying making me go upstairs again. So, I had to walk back up the stairs (butt cheeks clenched) get the jar and then walk back down (butt cheeks clenched) to give it to my Queen. On the way down the second time, I took the robe off so She could see me walking naked down the stairs, with my penis caged, and my butt cheeks clenched trying to hold the butt plug in place.

It was mostly just the feeling that it wanted out. The plug was actually staying in place ok, other than the fact that the last half inch didn’t want to stay inside.

I also had to go get the only nipple clamp we own and bring it to Her. Of course, She had me put it on. I placed it on my left nipple, and slowly adjusted it to an appropriate pressure. I forgot how much these things hurt. (reminds me of a John Cougar Mellencamp song “hurt so good”) It was an alligator style clip, with a small adjustment on the side.

Then I got down in front of Her, on all fours. She swung her legs off the couch and used me as a foot stool. So, now I have four sensations going on; The Pfun butt plug up my ass, my penis in the cb6000 cage, a nipple clamp on my left nipple, and the pressure of Her legs being supported on my back. The butt plug felt like it was coming out,  and I kept trying to tense my sphincter muscles to pull it back in. She asked me to reach for the paddle, which was still sitting on the table from the last time She used it. I gave it to Her, and She proceeded to playfully smack my ass with it. Then She would alternate between paddling and caressing me with it. When She caressed me with it, it sent shivers thru me and my butt would involuntarily arc upwards. Then She’d give it a good smack, and I would involuntarily clutch my cheeks together. She repeated this over and over. Not only was the constant clenching/unclenching affecting the butt plug, and the feelings it was generating, but it also made it very obvious to me that my cock was caged. You know, I was using those muscles that make the cock jump when they twitch, which would normally give me a hard on sooner or later, but there was no chance of that was there?

By now, the weight of her legs on me was starting to make my arms tired. It doesn’t take much, as I’m not Mr. Universe or anything like that. About the time that I started to notice this, She said She was done, and I was allowed to go upstairs to remove everything and get cleaned up.

I went upstairs and sat on the bed. It was a strange sensation, as the handle sticking out of my ass effectively forced the rest of the butt plug into me and put more pressure on my prostate. It wasn’t a painful pressure, but more of a dull forceful pressure that felt wrong because it was inside of me. I know that many guys can be milked by putting pressure on the prostate, or by messaging it. I’d also heard of the big “O” that a man can have as well, and I’m very curious about it. So, I lay back on the bed, and used my sphincter muscles to push/pull the butt plug in and out. At least, it felt like it was going in and out. I’m sure it was probable barely moving. I did that for about 20-30 seconds. I’m not sure, but it felt like I was on the right track. I think I would have to do that for a lot longer, but the possibility was there that it might work.

I went into the bathroom and removed the cage and plug. Did I forget to mention that the nipple clamp fell of halfway thru the session? I think I did. Anyway, after removing everything, I noticed a drop of precum at the end of my cock. Hmmmmmm. Maybe the butt plug/prostate massage worked better than I thought. Or, it could be the excitement from being used in that way by my Queen? In any case, it made me want to try it even more.

I have to say, I’m liking this Pfun butt plug more and more. Since it is stainless steel, it was a bit scarier. I’ve often been told not to use anything metal or hard as a butt plug, or as a dildo, as the unyielding nature of it can lead to injury. But, even though this thing is a little bit bigger than I expected, it goes in nicely. I know I’ve used smaller plugs that were more difficult to insert. I think it has to do with the ultra smooth, non-porous nature of steel. When you put silicone lube on it, it becomes extremely slippery. Enough that it wants to slide out of your hand, and you have to be careful that you have a good grip on it. I almost dropped it in the shower prior to insertion. Another really cool thing about it is how clean it comes out. Hardly anything sticks to it. Clean up is a breeze too. A little soap and water, and it’s totally clean. No smell either! Definitely cool!

Another property that might be interesting to explore is the way stainless steel holds different temperatures. Specifically, it can feel very cold to the touch. I haven’t experienced this because I take it into the shower with me and by the time I insert it, it is warmed up nicely. I wonder what it would feel like straight out of the fridge?

In any case, I enjoyed myself once again, thanks to my loving Queen. I hope She enjoys using me for Her pleasure as well. Getting the smoke almost seems secondary now. Not that it isn’t a great reward, because it is. And not that displaying myself for Her isn’t embarrassing enough, or hard enough, but of course I still enjoy it.     🙂